Ordering Auto Parts at GM Parts Store

Ordering GM Auto Parts Online - Sometimes Easy, Sometimes Not

All of us at GM Parts Store want you to receive the correct GM auto part the first time. As much as you don't want the hassle of returning a part we don't want the return just as much. If you follow this guide it will help alleviate frustration and fees. Not all the parts are the same on all of the vehicles. There can be nine different mirrors on a single vehicle and the cheapest one doesn't always fit your vehicle.

VIN Number

We receive returns and the majority of these returns could be avoided with just a VIN number provided at the time of ordering. We validate every order that includes a VIN number. We can ensure the part you are ordering is for the VIN number you provided. We cannot ensure you chose the correct part as in the correct side or color. When you supply your VIN there isn't any personal or confidential information accessed. It simply provides the build data (Color, Engine Size, Trim Level, etc.) for your vehicle. Orders without VIN numbers are not eligible for return. Please visit our return page GM Parts Store - Return Policy

Where Did This Part Number Come From?

Part numbers from other sources like eBay, amazon, your local parts store are not 100% accurate. The parts catalog available at a GM dealership is the only accurate catalog and this is what we use to verify your order. When you use a part number from another source on our site, vehicle information is not transferred to our order packing slip and cannot be validated for accuracy. These types of orders are not eligible for return.

If You Aren't Sure Please Ask (There are no experts)

We are more than happy to verify or look up a part for you. Send your VIN number along with a description or picture of what you are looking for to support@gmpartsstore.com. We have an experienced team of 7 GM auto parts specialist who will work together to get you the correct information